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of an inch in chantilly. so we had that moisture. we also had a little bit of rain. everything melted as we headed into the afternoon hours. right now temperatures are still above freezing in a couple locations, like hagerstown 34, 36 in frederick and gaithersburg, still 40 in d.c., but we have strong winds ouof the north and northwest. a 32 miles per hour wind gust right now in hagerstown, 1 in manassas, 16 miles per hour in d.c. those strong winds out of the northwest are bringing in colder air. so we will see the temperature drop below freezing, especially in the north and west suburbs. 26 to 32 for your overnight lows. we'll slowly warm into the 30s as we head towards 10:00 a.m. that will help to melt any of that black ice that might be out on the roadways. keep in mind the sun doesn't come up until about 7:30 in the morning this time of year. so you might have some lingering black ice into the
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early morning hours. surae, i'll tell you more about those gusty winds in tomorrow's forecast coming up. >> thank you, erica. as the end of the year deadline approaches to avoid a series of tax increases and spending cuts that will impact most americans, senate leaders are trying to put together some kind of agreement to avert the so-called fiscal cliff. the senate and house are back in session tomorrow, and a last- ditch effort to make a deal. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell left the capitol tight lipped but smiling after work behind closed doors to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. >> reporter: did you make progress today, sir? >> reporter: he and harry reid are working on a deal that avoids a middle-class tax hike. the plan is to present it to the full senate for a vote sunday, then sent over to the house. house speaker john boehner was also at the capitol but left with no comment. both sides remain at odds over
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the democrats' insistence that the rich pay more taxes. obama insists his plan on the table is fair and includes plenty of cuts to government spending. >> we just can't afford a politically self-inflicted wound to our economy. >> reporter: if sunday's negotiations don't pan out, the president says he is ready to propose his own scaled down bill that would block tax increases on all but the wealthy and preserve expiring unemployment benefits. with the deficit ticking ever higher, patience is wearing thin. >> for those of us that invest in the stock market it's disgusting to watch them jockey around with our money, because it gets affected every day. >> reporter: missing in all the last-minute negotiations is talk of the $1.2 trillion in mandatory spending cuts scheduled to go into effect on tuesday. the u.s. will also hit its borrowing limit on monday make
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it difficult for the government to pay its bills. meanwhile, an elderly woman is cammed fast moving fire that left two others hurt. tonight fire investigators say the woman may have gone back in the burning town house to warn the others. the fire swept through this town house on laurel hill road in grown belt last night. destroying the unit and damaging the surrounding town houses. fire investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire that left the woman in her 80s dead. >> what we're hearing is a possibility that she may have left the house, got out safely before returning back into the house. >> i heard from my wife who was here when the fire started that my neighbor jumped off the second floor, and that his house -- that his housemate also got some burns's was trying to rescue the lady he was taking care v. >> we're told the two surviving victims are being treated for serious but nonlife-threatening injuries.
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big crowds this weekend at the dulles expo, the site of what's called the nation's gun show. guns have been at the center of debate these past few weeks. >> reporter: the winter weather didn't put much of a dent into turnout at this gun show in chantilly. gun enthus he see affidavits packed inlooking to start or add to their collection. >> i do own a firearm. i was in the military. i like to come out and see what's new. >> reporter: this woman runs the show and says ticket sales are up. she points to two factors, including the calls for gun control in the aftermath of the shootings in connecticut. >> i think it's dog to make it either impossible or very difficult for them to purchase firearms or cost prohibitive. in other words, too expensive. >> reporter: there is such a demand for guns and ammunition
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-- >> this really is the highest we've ever seen it. >> reporter: elliott says one ammunition dealer paid for a table but ended up canceling because they had no ammunition to sell. >> i just don't think they had any stuff there. >> reporter: merlin says he is staying busy. >> our sales have really ramped up. as you can see, the place is crowded. the worst part, i don't know when i will be able to restock. >> reporter: at his store he is seeing new faces, and more first-time gun owners. >> i've got people buying guns that would have never bought a gun before. when they're told they can't have it, they want it. >> reporter: senator dianne feinstein of california is promising to fight to ban certain types of weapons. in other news, fairfax
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county police make an arrest in the murder of a man whose body was found inside a mini van. police say an officer came across a minivan that crashed into a barrier off cambridge road in vienna. the officer found 19-year-old xavier stringfellow of manassas stabbed to death in the vehicle. police arrested 22-year-old johnny bonilla. he is charged with murder. police say the two men did not know each other before last night but planned to meat and stringfellow was fatal alley stabbed during the struggle. d.c. police are looking for a suspect for an armed robbery. the vic time, man and woman, were on mississippi avenue southeast around 3:30 when they were approached by a man with a gun. they were not hurt but the suspect made off with an undetermined amount of cash. she thought that he was a muslim or hindu. that's the reason 31-year-old
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erica menendez gave to authorities for pushing a man to his death. the 46-year-old was killed thursday when he was pushed from the platform and into the path of an oncoming train. just three weeks ago a 58-year- old man was killed when a drifter pushed him from the subway platform after the two argued. the two incidents have prompted fear among some subway riders and a warning from the city's mayor. >> growing up in the city, you always would stand close to the edge and look to see if the train comes, so it's pretty -- makes you rethink the things that you do on a regular basis. >> we do live in a world where our subway platforms are open, and that's not going to change to. say everybody should exercise care goes without saying. >> erica menendez is due in court tomorrow for an arraignment. prosecutors say she could be charge weed a hate crime, and if convicted, she could face life in prison.
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a 16-year-old girl is dead tonight and police want your help in finding the driver of one of the cars that struck her. it happened around 6:00 last night. police say the teen was not in a crosswalk when she was hit by a car at first street and new york avenues in northwest d.c. the driver of that car stopped but then the teen was hit by an suv that kept on going. tonight police are searching for the driver of that tan suv with d.c. tags. ,just ahead on 9news now, a local music legend dies. we'll have a look back at that time career of michael aldridge. coming up, an 11-year-old boy lucky to be alive af
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welcome back, everybody. former president george h. w. bush is out of intensive care
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tonight. the 98-year-old bush was moved to a private room at a houston hospital. doctors there say his condition has improved. the elder bush was hospitalized in november for persistent bronchitis-like cough. he had been in icu because of a persistent fever. local bluegrass music legend mike aldridge has died of cancer, just one day shea of his 74th birthday. aldridge was a fanged member of the group the seldom seen. the silver spring resident also toured with performers such as lyle lovett and emmylou harris. we talked to a close friend tonight. >> reporter: the notes could be clear and haunting. the late mike aldridge strumming a type of guitar called a dobro. >> the dobro guitar was invent
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in the 1920's. >> reporter: but aldridge himself is credited for taking it up a notch, or two, or three. mike's dobro was the cover of mr. aldridge's first album. >> mike was the clint eastwood of acoustic music. he was quiet, seemed shy on the mic, but when he played, it just -- the notes and things would just give you a little chill. >> reporter: birchmere's owner toured with aldridge. his band, the seldom seen, played here every thursday night to a sold-out crowd for 20 years. but aldridge would continue for the next 20, despite changes in the lineup. he even played at a tribute show just this year. but saturday, aldridge lost his long battle with cancer. >> it's always a shock when --
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and especially when you lose a legend and a friend and, you know, somebody in the business he'll always -- he'll be the the king, the man. >> reporter: the man, the legend, the instrument with his quick moving picks and silent charm. mike aldridge would leave his mark in the world of music and beyond. ko im9 news. >> he is survived by his wife elsie and two daughters. he recently recorded an album which is expected to come out next year. he was 84. coming up, gusty
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an 11-year-old iowa boy is lucky to be alive tonight after falling through the ice on a frozen lake. witnesses say the child was walking along the lake with his 10-year-old friend when the accident happened. police say the 10-year-old boy
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slid toward his friend and pulled him back onto the surface. >> the 11-year-old boy fell through the ice, and fortunately for him, his level- headed companion got on his belly and reached out and grabbed his hands and helped pull him out. both boys were more concerned about what their parents would say when they found out than the incident. >> oh, i think hugs are in order. >> you have to be careful on the ice. >> especially when you think it's a lake and you think it's our frozen. in our situation, though, it can be tricky. we were hearing the winds pick up tonight. >> the winds are picking up in the wake of that little bit of ice and snow that we got earlier on today. that is all cleared out, but now the concern is refreezing overnight. let's take a look outside with the michael & son weather cam.
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everything looking calm out there right now. the winds are actually calm at reagan national, but in the last hour, they were gusting to 16 miles per hour. so every once in awhile we have been getting a gust of wind. 40 degrees right now with cloudy skies, and a dew points of 26 degrees. in the weather headlines, yeah, it is going to be cold and windy overnight. if you caught my first weather report you heard about those winds coming out of the northwest, bringing in that cooler, drier air. make sure you bundle up for the redskins game. then on monday, thighs weather. 36 degrees in frederick and gaithersburg. 37 in leesburg and baltimore. temperatures will dip below freezing, but it already feels like it's below freezing with that windchill. 22 with the windchill in hagerstown. you can see that storm system departing to the north and east. a few showers with wrap-around moisture. snow showers that aren't going to make it over the mountains
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so we're still in clear. mostly cloudy skies, no additional precipitation. windchills in the 20s, that's the big concern. 26 to 32 with winds out of the northwest at 15 to 25 miles per hour. as we head into tomorrow we'll actually see the winds relax, high pressure getting closer to us. partly sunny and breezy with temperatures in the 20s and 30s. in the afternoon, mostly sunny with that cold breeze continuing, only getting up to 36 in the suburbs, 41 downtown with winds out of the north- northwest at 10 to 2340eu6r789 i'm jealous of you if you're headed to this game. fedexfield, mostly clear and breezy. the kickoff 8:20 p.m. mid-30s w. the windchill it will feel like the 20s. northwest winds 10 to 20, even in the evening. breezy with a high of 40 on sunday. 44 monday, probably the best day of the week, and that is new year's eve. no delay for those celebrations. you won't have any travel trouble on new year's day we could see a quick rain or snow
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shower but the latest model data doesn't look like much. all right so we're just going to see a mostly dry forecast, though it will be cold, highs only in the 30s thursday and friday of next week. >> all right. i see those 30s. thank you,er i will could. all right, we're all charged up. >> yes, it's exciting. it's meaningful football. that's what redskins fans wanted. doesn't get any more meaningful than this game. >> exciting. >> prime time, all eyes on redskins-cowboys this weekend. how does rgiii feel from possibly ending his rookie season with a rival sweep? plus, the cowboys are known to choke. hear why they say it won't happen this year. >>
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well, things don't get much bigger for the washington redskins than this sunday. it's a chance to cap off an incredible second half of the season run with their first playoff berth since 2005 on the line. what better way toned it than against their most hated rivals. sunday's game is big for both teams. the winner wins the division and heads to the postseason while the other could very well stay on the outside looking in. redskins-cowboys has always had a different feeling. the game is much more intense. rgiii says' well aware of what this rivalry is all about and would, of course, like nothing more than to come out on top night. know all about the cowboys. i've got friends that work for
1:58 am
the cowboys, but i was never -- i didn't dislike the cowboys, but i was never a fan. i'm a washington redskin. hopefully i'll be that for the rest of my life. i plan on going out and getting this win. >> dallas may have a more experienced leader in tony perkins but what haunts them is big season ending games. they faced a similar situation last year but got hammered by the giants. they say it's those type of experiences that gives them the advantage. >> you're molded by your experiences and going through that. the core group of guys have been through those experiences, and hopefully those type of experiences allow to you embrace these moments so the stage isn't too big, and you still have an opportunity. this is what you play for, to be in these type of situations. >> going to be a big game. on the hardwood, the maryland terrapins currently riding their longest win streak in 0 years. they haven't lost since their season opener bringing a 10- game win streak in today. terps happy to be back after
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time off for the holidays. the terps step out with the penetration, and the freshman charles mitchell led the terps with 19 and 14 off the bencht maryland takes a one-point lead. howard pushes the ball up court, finds wells for the monster jam, part of a 17-0 run by the terps. in the second half, they continue to pull away on the break. howard finds wells again. reverse layup. maryland wins. after the game, coach was impressed with a very slimmed down charles mitchell. >> i think it's real simple. he gained weight. he wasn't playing minutes, we weren't doing the extra conditioning. he's probably eating a few pizzas at night that he shouldn't be. he's worked hard, lost weight. we get our tails kicked on the boards if it's not for him. >> i had high expectations, but
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i didn't expect these numbers. it's grade to have numbers like this. i'm proud of myself, i'm proud of my team as well. george mason visiting tampa taking on south florida. wright gets 20 points. second half, they rally. south florida puddle off this one 61-57. the washington wizards trying to end 2012 on a high note. they beat the orlando magic yesterday. they look to hand chicago their third straight loss tonight. maybe they would have more luck than this kid. come on, mom, pay attention. i thought that was cute. bradley deal fights serks rafin. nate robinson drivers through the lane. he had 70.
2:01 am
that's as close as the wizards would get. the bulls hold on the lead and snap a two-game skid, 87-77. it at least the kid got some ice cream. navy and san francisco at the kraft fight hunger bowl. keenan reynolds eludes defenders. arizona state too much for navy. the pass to ross, beautiful, 52 yards in stride. asu clobbers the midshipmen 62- 28. west virginia and syracuse playing a different weather. snowy, yankie stadium for the pin stripe bowl. gino smith to stedman bailey what eludes defenders. 32 yards for the score. nice run by bailey. but the weather made passing difficult. the mounties had no answer. orange win this one 38-14.
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finally tonight, in honor of tomorrow's big game, kay perry's dog got a christmas treat. he seems to enjoying that tony perkins stuffed doll. big game. complete post-game coverage for you guys tomorrow night for "game on." >> that was awesome. >> he's enjoying that little chew toy. >> thanks so much for watching tonight. you can get any updates on-line at we'll see you here tomorrow night. have a great we're hanging with the members of a few select celebrities inner circles. >> on the people who really run hollywood.
2:03 am
i'm debbie matenopoulos. >> i'm kevin frazer. >> here we go. training with j. lo's choreographer. >> she is going to train me to be a backup dancer. >> can debbie matenopoulos move like lopez? >> then hollywood body doubles. >> it was lucky i was there. >> j. lo's stunt double is a man. >> the girl cozying up to justin who is not selena. >> i'm married. em's no longer a threat. >> then kim kardashian's make-up artist reveals all. how he trans pormed advancesa williams from this to this. >> flying high with the jet-setting elite. >> the perk, the price tag. >> $8,000 an hour. celebrity power lawyers.
2:04 am
the man behind tom cruise's quickie divorce settlement and revelations about the agreement with katie. >> it's not necessarily the negotiations that were difficult. >> a "twilight" star tied to the tracks braving an oncoming train. >> it was frightening. >> why this photographer is putting the stars in danger. >> clear up, clear! >> now from hollywood, the "weekend insider" is on. >> our special on those members of celebrity inner circles. i'm kevin frazer. >> i'm debbie matenopoulos. they have lawyers, make-up artists and body doubles. the woman behind some of j. lo's best moves. it's her choreographer and she gives me a dance lesson. it's this weekend's "inside story." she is like, well, how about we blend the idea of

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